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Welcome to IVS School of Design

UGC Approved Degree Courses

Institute set up by industry professionals( URBANE-The Design Workshop ), Specialized in Interior Architecture & Designing courses only The intent to set up “School of Design” is to train the students in ( Out of the Box Thinking ) and create best creative minds, who are demanded and hired internationally.

The vision is to create India as a centre of design in Asia competing with Singapore directly & brand IVS to be in the steering position in this endeavor.

Why IVS School of Design ?

  1. Institute set up by industry professionals ( URBANE - THE DESIGN WORKSHOP )
  2. Industry orientated and internationally upgraded curriculum based on 20 years experience of the parent company
  3. Innovative design approach
  4. National and International exposure through participation in various competitions
  5. Enhancing Presentation and communication skills taken up as separate subject
  6. Special session on PDP (Personality Development Programme)
  7. Guest lectures by industry professionals from across the globe
  8. Visual teaching aids, visit to sites followed by critic sessions and high stress on Art and Design
  9. Quality control measures in academic, to deliver improved quality throughout our centres
  10. Simulation of real world problem solving exercises in classroom
  11. Restricted students per class with 15:1 student teacher ratio
  12. Mock interview sessions to prepare candidates for interviews

Best Design School in Northern India

Best design school in Nothern India


Petersen Bricks 
Petersen Tegl founded in 1791, is Danish brickworks which manufactures and sells bricks with emphasis on excellent craftsmanship. Petersen Tegl is one of the few brickworks in the world which has been using coal as fuel for firing the bricks. This imparts vibrant light and dark shades to the waterstruck bricks. They also manufacture the handcrafted range of the products for facades and roofs. The work is carried out in close cooperation with the architects or clients when bricks are required for special assignments.  IVS School of Design is proud to hold a Lecture Workshop with the said firm on 22nd October 2018, to learn about their techniques of brick making and the possibilities of creatives from bricks like wall structures and wall sculptures.

Contract and Commercial Design 2018 (CCD)  
CCD is a two-day event which plans to bring various architects, interior designers, furniture designers and product designers together for discussion related to the future of retail, commercial and hospitality design.  This event will also display various innovations taking place in this industry and what to expect in future. This industry is already facing various issues like sustainable development, green building construction etc. and these aspects and concerns need urgent discussions in such events so that people, designers and architects can be sensitized to these issues even more. To enable this rendezvous, this event will have various panel discussions, group discussions, audience interactions and even impromptu quiz sessions.   This event has also organized students competitions to invite various ideas, concepts and visions that the future generation has, related to retail, commercial and hospitality design. The competition asks students to present their visions related to workspaces of year 2030. Students from various colleges are expected to participate in these competitions in groups as well as individual entries.  IVS School of Design is playing the role of institutional partner for this event wherein, they are acting as advisors for panel discussion topics which are relevant to contemporary issues. IVS School of Design is also taking active participation in preparation and organization of this event. As an institute partner, IVS School of Design is also the guiding force behind the conceptualization of relevant topics related to retail, commercial and hospitality design.

ACETECH 2018  
Acetech, the largest annually held exhibition on architecture, construction, engineering and interiors provides an authoritative representation and latest innovation in the construction industry. A four days event, which displays architectural products, is a premium platform that provides opportunities to the students making them learn and explore new things. Acetech, held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi is an enabler that creates knowledge sharing platform inspiring and developing awareness of latest products, technology etc. It aims to give maximum exposure by bringing international and domestic players/suppliers of the industry. Visiting such a place would be an enriching experience for all.

The 4th edition of Light India Expo is the source for the best of lighting products and technologies from the leading brands, and to gain insights of the industry at one place. Light India being one of the largest shows on lighting, is a common platform for all architects, interior designers, industry people and others which gives the students a chance to gain in-depth knowledge and allows the students to build their own network. It also brings together the largest players in the lighting industry to showcase their latest technologies and innovations. It is a must visit show for the young and creative minds, to give them insights about the fastest and most rapidly emerging trends in the lighting industry.

                                                                            Asian Paints                                                                                        When designing a space, it is necessary to think of interiors in totality. A harmony of theme and style should be co-ordinated which is achieved with the well-considered use of color.  Asian Paints has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the domain of color and décor.  Their expert consultants are equipped to give the best customized color suggestions. The color experts help students and visitors with the color selection and with the material knowledge. There is a lot of exposure for the students from choosing the right colors to how to utilize a small place and how to make it more beautiful. They help to understand the use of color in space.  Asian Paints cover a wide range of topics related to paints like painting process, different types of wall coverings, types and composition of paints, different designs and textures in paints etc. In addition to this, students are made familiar with how to interact with clients and how to suggest the right products to them. Students benefit from the briefing about the psychological and associative aspects color to design



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