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Welcome to IVS School of Design

UGC Approved Degree Courses

Institute set up by industry professionals(URBANE-The Design Workshop), Specialized in Interior Architecture & Design courses only The intent to set up “School of Design” is to train the students in (Out of the Box Thinking) and create best creative minds, who are demanded and hired internationally.

The vision is to create India as a centre of design in Asia competing with Singapore directly & brand IVS to be in the steering position in this endeavor.

Why IVS School of Design ?

  1. Institute set up by industry professionals (URBANE - THE DESIGN WORKSHOP)
  2. Industry orientated and internationally upgraded curriculum based on 20 years experience of the parent company
  3. Innovative design approach
  4. National and International exposure through participation in various competitions
  5. Enhancing Presentation and communication skills taken up as separate subject
  6. Special session on PDP (Personality Development Programme)
  7. Guest lectures by industry professionals from across the globe
  8. Visual teaching aids, visit to sites followed by critic sessions and high stress on Art and Design
  9. Quality control measures in academic, to deliver improved quality throughout our centres
  10. Simulation of real world problem solving exercises in classroom
  11. Restricted students per class with 15:1 student teacher ratio
  12. Mock interview sessions to prepare candidates for interviews

Best Design School in Northern India

Best design school in Nothern India

Visits/ Workshops/ Lectures in the month of November and December 2017

Design Festival MBS School of Planning and Architecture
MBS School of Planning and Architecture invited the colleges and institutes for participation of students in different events and talks being held as a part of their annual design festival. Students were enlightened by listening to great minds like Ar. Ashish Ganju, Ar. Gaurav Shorey and Vikramjit Rooprari talk about on various aspects of Delhi. Participation of our students in competitions led them to win First prize in Photography, Second in Doodleage and a third place in Hammer and Nail. More such events should be encouraged to be attended by the students to broaden their design perspective.

LED Expo
Light is an important design element hence, learning about the same is done by experiencing it. LED Expo provides an opportunity to understand the latest development in light technology and innovations. Visiting the exhibition brings the students in contact with the technology, dealers, design innovations and latest light products under single platform.

In the present scenario, security is one of the major concerns for everyone and the solution for the same is being available in various forms at IFSEC. IFSEC India showcases cutting edge products like CCTV & video surveillance, biometrics & RFID, Integrated systems, access control, cyber security, integrated systems, physical security, perimeter protection, fire detection systems, intruder alarms and fire alarms. Such events provide the students insights about the various security systems available and also they get to know about the vendors, usage, benefits and applications of security systems.

Wall Design
This event showcases products like latest technologies in the construction, architecture and design industry, unequaled platform for product manufacturers and technology developers to showcase and demonstrate their products and services before some the well known names of construction, architecture and furniture industry. Students learn a great deal by becoming its part as they will be exposed to new products and technology by the providers themselves.

World of Fenestration
Fenestration deals with the arrangement of doors and windows, hence this exhibition is all about Windows, Doors and Facade construction, design, architecture, fabrication, technologies etc. in the Architecture & Designing, IT & Technology, and Manufacturing & Fabrication industries. This exhibition provides a great exposure to the students about such products, technology and availability under one roof.

ACE Tech
ACE Tech is considered as the biggest festival for architects, designers, developers, engineers, contracting companies, material suppliers and technology providers under one roof for displaying and sourcing products expediently. Over the years this event has became a very big platform for encouraging innovations and also encouraging business opportunities. Being a member of this festival broadens the horizon for the students in terms of the vast opportunities available with them to explore the materials, technologies & design and also give them a chance to develop their business development skills.

GRIHA Summit
Go Green are the two millions dollar words which everyone is chasing these days, hence to incorporate these words in new construction GRIHA Summit focuses on replacing practices and methods that damage or deplete natural resources with alternative practices that are sustainable and efficient. This shall be a platform for the future of our construction technologies. Students will get an insight about latest happenings in the industry with a focus on achieving solutions. They also get a chance to update their knowledge about latest technological development, examples and experiences of individuals and companies in building industry.