Course Content

  1. What is 3D Architectural Visualization
  2. What is the scope
  3. Understanding scale and proportions
  4. Strengthening the Visualization part
  5. AutoCAD 2D
  6. Reading the architects drawings
  7. Learning to work in Photoshop
  8. Rendering the 2D AutoCAD Plans
  9. Understanding the user interface of 3DS Max
  10. Transforming 2D Drawings into 3D through 3D Modeling
  11. Creating Textures in Photoshop
  12. Knowledge of materials and standards
  13. Applying Materials to the 3D Structures
  14. Bit about Interior Design
  15. Understanding Project Specifications
  16. Advance lighting and rendering
  17. Project work on the basis of research
  18. End module examination


  1. Photoshop
  2. 3DS Max
  3. AutoCAD 2D/3D
  4. V-Ray
  5. Walkthrough