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3R’sReduce Wastage, Recycle and Reuse

I’m actually surprised of the uses of banana tree trunks. In my country the lower part of the trunk is left in place after cutting the plant down. But in other Countries, they used it well.

In Indonesia as well as in Africa, banana tree trunks are being used for growing veggies. They don’t need watering as this contains plenty of moisture. After harvesting, the trunk decomposes and enriches the soil.


Banana trunks are full of water, even after they have been cut down. The trunk retains a large amount of water and makes for the perfect planter. In addition to the positive water content, as the trunk begins to break down, beneficial nutrients and bacteria become part of a healthy system of soil to create an amazing space for anything you decide to plant.

In this Banana trunk we have planted tomatoes. The whole amazing process of growing tomatoes are as given below:

  1. Cut an oval about halfway through the trunk
  2. Remove the layers and excess materials
  3. Shred the bottom layer
  4. Dirt up to the top
  5. Then add your seeds

Whoohoo Done.

The process is so simple and fast. Now wait for few days to grow.

The most amazing part in this process that you have no need of water at all to grow veggies.


Sourabh Tomar

Senior Faculty: Interior Architecture Design

IVS School Of Design

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