This blog is to Put limelight on one of the beautiful structure built by Ar. Le Corbusier in sector 1 of the dream city Chandigarh. The Tower of the Shadows is planned to go between the Palace of Justice and the Parliament building, in the Capitol area. And also to create a subdued atmosphere in which one can be freely meditate.

This uniquely designed building is aligned precisely on the north-south axis, so that it agreeably interrupts the severe symmetry of the enormous square. The north side remained opened because the sun never shines from this direction and the other three faces are furnished with Brise -Soleil. Brise-Soleil is an architectural feature of a building that reduce heat gain ranging from simple patterned concrete walls to wing like structure.

This symbolic structure is very high , lofty, shadowy and  partially open-sided pavilion providing ample shade.which reflects Le Corbusier’s  interest in studying the penetration of sunlight  inside or outside the building.

It is an architectural brilliance intended to demonstrate Le Corbusier’s various theories of sun control. In his studio in Paris, the track of the sun for all seasons is most precisely recorded for all important buildings, in order to determine the position of the Brise-soleil. same is done with this structure , As he wanted to show that sunlight can be controlled within the four corners of the building .which will help in obtaining low temperature in hot countries especially when the temperature is high.









Then there is a  ramp leads from this square into the sunken park (the Trench of Consideration) Which was built  for allowing the social gathering of citizens at the open hand monument which is symbolic of the message ”open to give and open to receive”.


The tower of shadow is a beautiful place to learn about the solar movement.







                                                                                                                                                                           By :Vinay Kumar Raghubansia

                                                                                                                                                                             Faculty : Interior Architecture Design

                                                                                                                                                                           IVS School of Design







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