Maximalism is the epitome of the passion, power and joy that can be expressed through a room. But this in-your-face design can be a little intimidating, this article is about how you can bring even subtle maximalism to your living space.


 Try it in small doses

If you’re daydreaming about a colourful maximalist home, but you’re unsure where to start, try it in small doses first to avoid overwhelming yourself. Bring in a few colourful cushions in clashing tones, such as hot pink and tangerine, and try scattering them on a plain, dark sofa or simple chairs. If you’re feeling braver, try bold wallpaper in a smaller room; adding drama in rooms that you simply pass through makes it easier to get used to and build up from, before taking it into rooms that you really live in.

Connect the dots

Chic maximalist style is a balancing act between eclecticism and carefully-thought out design. To make sure that your interiors still feel connected even with a mix of colours, patterns and textures in the room, you should find a link between pieces to bring the room together.  Look for the shade that will draw the eye from one piece to the next, but always remember symmetry to keep the room looking balanced. When you keep the space symmetrical, you can layer even more and still keep a sense of balance, even in a room that mixes colours and styles broadly.’

Tell a story

Think about what you want to express with your interiors. Maximalism is at its best when there’s a common theme running through it, some kind of visual theatre to tell a story.




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