DISTINCTIVENESS : The Originality Of Ideas In Creation

Originality is the ability to think creatively with an independent perspective. Original designs always leave an impact. They are more effective.

Originality refers to something unique or out of the ordinary. Artists strive for developing original work. A conscious creativity is the birth of innovation.

We’re certainly inspired by multiple sources, but ultimately its how we synthesize, discover & process the inspiration along with our passion to create an outcome as our work. 

“Every great architect is necessarily a great poet.
He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.”


An original idea or amalgam of thoughts can bring you to what your next project can be. Writing,  Verbally expressing, or sketching roughly can help you identify your idea.

It allows us to explore pure ideas to come up with original solutions before beginning the process of creation. It would influence all the stages of the design process. Quick sketching allows you to explore the ideas that you have in a short time. Brainstorming is a quick way to capture concepts to fluidly arrive at unique solutions. Design brief’s can spark solutions to these problems.

Experimentation will lead you to new directions. which will force yourself into new ground. If you don’t know a particular tool in a software, pull it out, and work with it until you’ve made something unique. Setting up such kinds of personal projects can help you grow as an artist. At any moment something unexpected can happen.

It might even be wrong for the current project you’re working on, but this random & interesting occurrence can be kept in the memory to be applied in the future.

As designers, we have many sources of inspiration. hence, avoiding being influenced too strongly from a single source of influence is mandatory. The act of synthesizing multiple sources of influence will lead to more creative & original works.

One source of influence leads to “copies” and “derivative works.” Never assume that your inspiration by multiple sources is original. Instead, continuously strive to break new ground.

Passion drives us forward as something compels us when we look at it. Your inner self will propel you to learn new areas. You may begin by being inspired by the most popular architects of today and end up fascinated with the Madhubani artists next month.

Your unique artistic vision is your training, passion, and experience. It’s something you develop over time.

Any artwork your inspired by has traditions behind it, often a combination of multiple disciplines. Artists follow a tradition or multiple traditions. You may be influenced by a person and read on the subject, or practice numerous tutorials and learn the process of creating something. You may have gone to school for 3-D art and learned software inside out.

The more you refine your techniques, the more skilled your work will become. If you’re able to create original work with craft, it will be difficult for others to mimic.

We all know how to set and achieve goals. Set a goal of creating your work. Challenges are something similar to goals.Though a challenges are a bit difficult to achieve, and require tremendous effort.

Artists sometime come to a point where their process, interests and experience leads them to a state of self-direction. They may look at others work and appreciate it, but they have a way of doing things, a unique well developed process, and can consistently produce high-quality original work.

Often, this originality is the result of great effort: skills obtained through study & practice.

Break the rules! 

Broaden your scope of inspiration! 

Design just for design’s sake! 

Step outside your comfort zone!

: Ar. Pankhuri Arya
IVS School of Design, South Ex.

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