Interior Design Courses In Delhi

IVS is the institute of interior design courses in delhi 

About IVS Schoool of Design

The Design institute is set up by one of the leading architecture and interior design firm, Urbane – The Design workshop, existing since 1997. The vision of the Urbane is to innovate & thereafter institutionalize the value of “Experience Design” and provide best interior design courses in delhi

In its more than a decade long career, Urbane has created a niche for itself in the realm of Interior Designing by Providing excellent service to its customers which include leading industrial organizations like Bharti, Ranbaxy, Schlumberger, McGraw hill and Bosch & Lomb, Fortis, Holiday Inn ,Crown Plaza.

The intent to set up the “School of Design” has been the promotion of high design values and training the students in “out of the box thinking”. The objective of the institute is not only to impart quality education but also to focus on overall personality development of the student and his/her subsequent transformation into a thorough professional.

With Mr. Darpan Katyal, Leading Architect, at the helm of affairs both in Urbane and IVS-School of Design ,the symmetry of vision and values have become the key-stone of this magnificent facility.

Likewise, the institute is also vastly benefited by the presence of Ms. Arpita as the Head of the Department of Interior Design respectively. The HOD, with her enormous experience as a teacher in her respective fields, have toiled towards providing the students a curriculum and content which ensures learning of the subject by focusing not only on Interior Design but also Interior Architecture & Design aspect. In other words, the student would be trained from all perspectives IVS has also taken an initiative to introduce short term specialized programs for practicing professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills in Retail Design & Display, Exhibition Design, Green Commercial Interiors, and Vastu Shastra and likewise. These programs are supported by industry professionals and the exposure given during the training becomes very vital for the students to comprehend the subject in totality.

Our Motto is to deliver improved quality in academic all through our centers, to ensure this we have a quality control department and a content management system which has centralized course content, E-Library, live video streaming of lectures, worksheets and documentation of student work.

IVS, through its brand tries to create an impact in the design industry, that we not only change, how design is taught in India but change the perception of the rest of the world towards India, in terms of design capabilities.


Vision of IVS School of Design

Strive to create India as a centre of design in Asia competing with Singapore, with our continuous endeavour to prepare best creative minds and breed of designers, who can serve globally.

IVS to be a platform where we invite best minds to come into teaching profession and provide opportunity to students, teachers and professionals of the industry to share views and ideas, with peers of the world.

  • There is a very clear methodology in our mind to execute this vision, so here is our plan to execute our mammoth vision.
  • To have multiple centers, at least 40 PAN India, starting from North India, covering all the tier-1 destinations and some tier-2 cities.
  • To set up more design and related courses like Industrial Design,Product Design, App Design, Retail & Exhibition Design, Furniture Design, Green Building Design, Vastu-Shastra within IVS- School of Design, to allow healthy exchange of ideas within various disciplines.
  • To set up “Quality Control” measures in academic, to be able to deliver improved quality, throughout the process of expansion (It is my understanding that most of the institutions have failed to deliver the same quality, when they went in the expansion mode; We have to avoid doing the same mistakes).
  • To execute “Content Management System (CMS)” using latest technologies, centralizing important aspects like course content, curriculum, E-library, live video streaming of lectures to all centers, worksheets, documentation of students work etc. through a centralized server, managed by centralized resources.
  • “Enhancing Market Value” of each professional coming out of IVS, to enable them to become most sort after professionals in the industry.


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