Exhibition and Set Design – Understanding Fundamental Approach

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Exhibition and Set Design – pertaining to temporary architecture, is gaining a lot of momentum among the students and young design professionals. No doubt the creative freedom allows to push one’s own imagination and deliver a tangible outcome. However, the specialization of exhibition and set design differs from the conventional B2C setup. How? Let’s have a look:

1. A designer must understand the history behind the BRAND he/she id designing the set for.
2. Remaining true to it’s origin and philosophy, the design brief should be decoded in a way that it addresses the philosophical nuances of the Brand.
3. Maintain the Brand Identity, tweak the design language.
4. Target Market of the Brand – a must consideration.
5. Economics and material availability.

For a exhibition and a set designer, the biggest challenge remains in bringing something unique to the plate while maintaining the brand identity. For this, I urge the set designers to carefully take a virtual tour through the past editions of company’s exhibition set designs wherein one can find certain ingrained Brand Values which should be dealt with fidelity.
Once you are thorough with what needs to remain intact, tweak your design concepts around it – maintaining the brand identity.

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