Heard and thought of as no more than the latest design fad; these beautiful structures of greenery comprise of plants that are inserted into a growing medium and then placed on the walls of buildings or to provide the benefits of greenery, using just horizontal space.

These are live walls or moss walls, which can be as small as a picture frame or as massive as hotel lobbies or building facades. Vertical gardens not only look impressive, but also make you feel comfortable in your environment through nature’s calming powers.

Vertical gardens are a wonderful alternative to potted plants as there is only one large panel to maintain which provides a lush pop of color to any space. Vertical gardens not only create a wonderful centerpiece to your interior space, but they help the natural airflow to your environment. Many buildings around the world have vertical gardens on their exteriors as they have the advantage of having natural direct sunlight that makes them thrive.


Trays: Recycled polypropylene trays in 8 pot or 3 pot configuration ions
Backing Board: Water resistant board onto which the trays are stacked
Irrigation System: Vertical ebb n’ flow irrigation system can be direct plumbed and drained via sanitary line or re-circulated by holding tanks
Water Reservoir Tanks: Stored within the base of the wall, these tanks can be auto filled from a building water supply line, or manually filled by the service technician.
Plants:  Although Green Walls can be customized, there are plants that are used on a regular basis. The most common green wall plants used are plants such as Green Lady, Silver Bay, Lemon Surprise, Dorado, Green Jewel, Jade Jewels, Spats, Ferns, and Crotons.
SUCCULENT GARDENS: Most Popular Vertical Gardens

Space efficient, colorful, and very easy to maintain. Also fire-resistant; are great alternatives if you are in a region with water shortage. They have a hard and fleshy exterior which makes them great for interiors. They need less watering and maintenance while providing wonderful aesthetics.
Living green walls are a surefire way to enhance a building’s visuals, improve air quality as well as employee alertness and energy levels. Over the past half century, a notable increase of urban-living seekers has led to a considerable uptick in air pollution and loss of green spaces.

·         Visually aesthetical

·         WELL credits/sustainability

·         LEED credits/sustainability

·         Improved air quality

·         Energy cost reduction

·         Noise level reduction

Truly Green Walls are rightly said to be science fiction made fact!


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