Factors affecting Product design

There is never going to be a single product that makes everyone happy. One group of people would applaud a design while others would have a different opinion. Among those some would criticize the design of the product and there would be others who wouldn’t be bothered at all. This shows that there is tremendous opportunity for a product designer as there is always something to work on. The target audience is always going to be different and most of the successful designs come from regularly taking feedback from the user and making improvisations to the design. Since the products are sold by a business to the users, multiple strategies are formulated to push sales and get the product to the market. However the success of a product design would depend on a few factors which are briefly described below.

One major factor that affects product design is the cost of production including material costs and labour costs. These in turn affect the pricing strategy, which needs to be in line with what the customer is prepared to pay for it.

The product needs to be user friendly and afford convenience in its function. Using ergonomic measurements, minor or major changes may need to be made to product design to meet essential requirements.

An important consideration in product design is whether the required materials are available easily. In addition to that one has to be updated on new developments in materials and technology.

Customer Requirements
One of the biggest influence on the design of the product is the customer and their requirements. It is vital to capture customer feedback on any prototype as well as during the planning and conceptual stages. Even a technologically advanced and exciting feature may need to be removed if it causes dislike or negative feelings in an end user.

The product needs to appear stylish or of a certain shape. This form may end up determining the technology that it built into the product. This may in turn also affect the manufacturing process that needs to be followed.

The current fashion and trends would affect a certain product’s design. Customers would want the most updated options and this needs to be considered during product design.

If a product is for a certain market with its own individual culture, this needs to be kept in mind during design. A product which is acceptable in one culture would end up being offensive or not desirable in another one.
Another consideration to product design is its impact on the environment. The average customer these days may be more discerning and concerned about the environment than before. Things to consider here may include whether the materials used are recyclable, how the product will be disposed of at the end of its life or how the packaging can be disposed of.

Multiple products are brought into the market daily but there is still scope for improvement in every aspect as trends keep changing. People always want newer versions of everything. Product design is a field where one would always have opportunity to experiment and innovate.

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