The winds of change have begun to permeate the design industry, so Darwinian is the battle for designers to adjust to technology battle for designers to adjust to technology that any negligence or complacency when it comes to accommodating modern advancements could risk leaving the very best of designers in the mire. Design in the present era needs to be paired with technology in order to shape future ideas better. Emerging technologies are perceived as capable of changing the status quo. The technologies are generally new but include older technologies that are still controversial and relatively underdeveloped in potential.
Given the rapid progression of our world, some key trends will change and become part of daily life very soon. Although a lot of these worldly predictions are to do with how we live, they will have significant impact on design. There are few trends emerging in the field of design. We are in the age of transition and a growing rise in entrepreneurship and startup culture. Branding and campaigns are finding their place in mainstream awareness as more individuals use leverage social media platforms to grow and develop personal brands and small businesses. As a result designers will see more demand for multidisciplinary skills that lend themselves well to these types of clients representing a growing market. Some of the following trends are in the design industry now
As we turn the yearbook further, internet and connectivity will expand like never before , making everyone connected. Digital trends, visuals and aesthetics such as VR, robots, internet of things and AI will become second nature to us.
As the global workplace is being reshaped we see more and more people working from home, especially given the culture of connectivity and remote working. The home office will require more attention to design and function rather than just being treated as the spare or junk room.
The majority of population will sit within the 20 to 40 year old age bracket, where people come into their own and set individual tastes and preferences. There will be younger aesthetic and fresher designs.
People in the coming time will own less but make use of more things especially if they are multi functional and compact.
As our health system will be adopting more and more technological advances, healthcare will now have a huge onus on the individual and will have more collaborative approach with health and medical professionals.
Every perk in the industry comes with some challenges. Technology is changing everything in our world and design industry is also not exempted. There are some vivid challenges that come up with technological interference in the design industry. The manner of building, remodeling and upgrading is changing. In addition, consumers are now able to browse through thousands of categories and designs to search for the inspiration they need for their next project. As the clients are able to form their selections based on what they saw on internet, designers must be able to give the right guidance so that the proper choice can be made.
Technological advancements sometimes disrupt the typical way of doing things. Even if designer is still traditionally governed by its core rules, these norms will be affected one way or the other. Another challenge therefore is to keep the core foundation of the profession. The designers need to be courageous to try various approaches and be flexible enough to adapt quickly
Technological advances have made fast communications possible. As a result people are now expecting faster results and immediate solutions to problems. The designers therefore are expected to make faster turnarounds for their projects.
Last but not the least staying relevant is the biggest challenge. Designers need to leave the past behind and keep on staying relevant with the present times. The need to keep up with the digital world and to understand how advertisers are using technology to market their wares must be a priority for designers if they want to maintain their business.
Hence the changing technological trends in the design industry are paving the way for new experiments. The manner of adapting to these changes and working along the same can be fruitful to both individual and community. We are hence looking forward to creating a techno designed environment for new innovations.

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