Centre For Design & Innovation

  1. One of South Asia's biggest design and innovation platform, the Centre for Design and Innovation (CDI) in Gurugram.
  2. A vertical campus city with two campuses in Gurugram and Manesar for entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing businesses.
  3. Area of more than 7 lakh square feet.
  4. Employment for more than 5,000 people in areas such as design and technology.
  5. "By establishing Centre for Design and Innovation, we hope to make Gurgaon a hub for design innovation not just for India, but also the entire South Asian region," said Ms. Tulika Puri Katyal.
  6. Courses for freshers, mid- as well as senior- level professionals in design thinking, innovation, strategy and management.
  7. "Centre for Design and Innovation will help India reap the demographic dividend and solve youth employment problems," added Dr Patra."