Interior Design - Diploma Course

Course: Diploma Programme in Interior Architecture & Design (DPIAD)

Duration: 1 Year / No.of Hours - 1800 Hrs

Diploma Program in Interior Architecture & Design covers all the aspects of the interior designing, providing students with the expertise they need to enter this competitive industry. This program is intended to bridge the gap between Interior Designing Industry and the education sector with focus on developing an understanding of style and its application in interiors. It also provides the fundamental knowledge of architecture which is an essential part of space designing.

Eligibility: 10+2 (any stream). Candidate should have creative bend of mind.

Duration - 4 hrs./5days Pre-Requisite - 10+2 any stream
USP - Industry based curriculum Assessment - Semester End Exam & Jury

Drawing & Basic Art
° Free Hand lines
° Lettering
° Sketching - Product / object (Still Life)
° Plant (Nature Study)

Design I
°Introduction to drawing equipments
°Scales - unit of conversions / measurements
°Orthographic projections of geometrical figures and compositions
°Elements & principles of Art & Design
°History of Interior Design with different styles
°Design problem (Studio Based)

Workshop I
°Visit to carpentry workshop to learn wood cutting / planning / drilling / processing etc.
°Making paper models of geometrical forms to understand 3D forms

Tech Theory I - Building materials:

°Wood & its substitutes
°Finish on wood & metal
°Brick, Stones & Tiles
°Hardware / Glass & Plastic

Market Survey I - Visit to shops / showrooms for information on:

°Hardware / Glass & Plastic
°Wood & its substitutes
°Stones & Tiles


Drawing & Basic Art
° Sketching - Pencil / Charcoal
° Rendering Techniques with different mediums

Design II - Drafting of standard furniture:

°Stool , Table , Chair, Cabinet etc in orthographic projections
°Measure drawing of space through plans and elevations
°Isometric / Axonometric view
°Perspective view
°Design problem (Studio Based)

Workshop II
°Making mockup models of Stool, table, chair, cabinet
°Visits of factory to observe the manufacturing process of furniture

Technical Theory -II
°Paneling and Cladding
°Flooring & False Ceiling
°Ergonomics & Anthropometrics
°Brick & Stone Masonry
°New building typologies
°History of Furniture Design with different Style

Market Survey II - Visit to shops for information on:

°Materials used for
°Floor finishes
°False Ceiling
°Wall treatment
°Paneling & Cladding

°Auto Cad 2D

Drawing & Basic Art
° Practice sessions on Sketching
° Freehand prospective
° Color rendering techniques

Design -III
°Design Process
°Residential project ( 1BHK) & Comm.Project (Reception cum waiting area
°Fundamental of Site plan, Function, Space,Form, Circulation , Proportion & Scale
°Case Studies
°Standard Study - Furniture (Residential/ Commercial)

Workshop III
°Visit to Residential & Commercial sites for observing the work in progress for
°False Ceiling
°Paneling & Cladding
°Doors & Windows
°Furniture - Fixed & Loose
°Visit to furniture factory ( Modular Furniture)
°Make mockup models of furniture designed in design studio

Technical Theory III
°Services - Electrical & Sanitary
°Types of Doors & Window
°Acoustics & Sound Insulation
°Soft Furnishings

Market Survey III
°Visit to Shops for Information on
°Light / Electrical Fixtures
°Wires & Cables
°Glass & Plastic
°Soft Furnishing
°Sanitary Fittings

°Auto Cad 3D

Drawing & Basic Art
° Practice on Sketching Skills
° Methods of Rendering on different papers

Design IV

°Design Process
°Corporate Interiors - Reception Areas / Workstation Spaces / Service Areas / Conference and Meeting rooms
°Case Study / Standard Study
°Study of existing range of commercial furniture as per the project

Workshop IV
°Visit to commercial sites for the study of execution in reference to commercial spaces
°Mockup models for commercial furniture developed in design studio

Technical Theory IV
°Estimation & Specification
°Project Management
°Lighting in Interiors

EDP ( 30 Hours)

°Special Subject ( can be optional)
°The course is designed for 30 hrs duration and would deal with the subject on entrepreneurship including project management
°Entrepreneurship & its traits
°Project concept and planning
°Project financing and viability

°3DS Max