Placed Students

The ultimate aim of doing a professional qualification is to work in an organization which fulfils the desire of the student to exhibit what they have learnt during the course and put their dreams into reality.

At IVS, we provide “Training to job” hence arrange campus placements and onsite interviews for our students. We absorb few students in our parent firm “URBANE the Design Workshop” and for others being in the field since last 20 years, all design related firms know about our institute and themselves call whenever they are in need of fresher. The demand in Interior Design is immense, if the student studies diligently and sincerely, we assure them the placements from IVS.

Name Company name Annual Salary in INR Offer Letters
Tripti Raffine 5,40,000 downloadOfferletter
Shashank Urbane the design workshop 5,40,000 downloadOfferletter
Parul Raffine 5,04,000 downloadOfferletter
Arjun Sky construction company 4,80,000 downloadOfferletter
Anamika KD Architecture and Interiors Navjeevan Vihar 4,38,000 downloadOfferletter
Kanchan Urbane the design workshop 4,32,000 downloadOfferletter
Sonia Sky construction company 4,08,000 downloadOfferletter
Navya Urbane the design workshop 3,96,000 downloadOfferletter
Pooja KD Architecture and Interiors Navjeevan Vihar 3,78,000 downloadOfferletter
Atharv KD Architecture and Interiors Navjeevan Vihar 3,66,000 downloadOfferletter
Atul Sky construction company 3,00,000 downloadOfferletter
Gauri Rajput D'Zign Express 3,00,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Kamyani KD Architecture & Interiors 3,00,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Chitranjan Das Sukriti 2,76,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Mohd Arshad Super Wood 2,70,000 downloadOfferletter
Manisha Kulkarni URBANE The Design Workshop 2,60,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Babita Sood ISC Trading Pvt. Ltd. 2,40,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Tanu Anand ISC Trading Pvt. Ltd. 2,40,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Saurabh Bahel KD Architecture & Interiors 2,40,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Deepali Gupta High Boy 2,21,000 downloadOfferletter
Srishti High Boy 2,21,000 downloadOfferletter
Rakhi Verma URBANE The Design Workshop 2,16,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Deepak Kapoor Space & Designs 2,16,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Deepak Kapoor Space and Design 2,16,000 downloadOfferletter
Ashif Akhtar Green Future Windows 2,16,000 downloadOfferletter
Chanchal Manmeet Ahuja 1,80,000 downloadOfferletter
Pragya Gupta Manmeet Ahuja 1,80,000 downloadOfferletter
Chayan Sky Construction Company 1,80,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Niharika Jha Sky Construction Company 1,56,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Simran Kaur Star Arc Design pvt. Ltd. 1,44,000/- per annum downloadOfferletter
Vipul Sharma Design Forum International Internship of 120 days downloadOfferletter
Suraj Sahi Toran Interio N/A downloadOfferletter
Swati Design 4 U N/A downloadOfferletter
Arihant Jain Chandraprabhu Associates Not Mentioned downloadOfferletter
Mansi Toran Interio N/A downloadOfferletter
Karan Singh Super Wood N/A downloadOfferletter
Mahima Naturo N/A downloadOfferletter
MohdAsad Super Wood N/A downloadOfferletter