Foundation Course in Interior Design

Duration Module No of Hours Pre-Requisite Assessment USP
2hrs./3days 6 Months 144 Hrs 10+2 Jury Short Term
Curriculam Basics of drawing and Skecthing Exposure to Various domains of Interior Design. Drafting Skills Principles and elements of art & design. Furniture styles and arrangement Colour schemes Project Presentation Skills.

Exhibition Design

Duration No of Hours Pre-Requisite Assessment USP
2hrs./3days 96 Hrs Diploma / Degree in Design Jury Rare Option
Curriculam Role of a designer Fundamentals of design Materials and finishes Graphics and Signage's Role of lighting Anthropometrics & Ergonomics Plants & Accessories Theme based design Audio Visual requirements Exposure to Contemporary Medias Project.

Retail Design & Display

Duration Module No of Hours Pre-Requisite Assessment USP
2hrs./3days 4 Months 96 Hrs Diploma / Degree in Interior Design Jury Specialised Branch
Curriculam Product based display Role of colour , texture & material Flexibility, Combination & Permutation Materials & Finishes Visual impact Anthropometrics & Ergonomics Rules of Display. Thematic display Psychology of Display Aesthetics Lighting Desig Project - Product Based Project - Space Based

Green Commercial Interiors

Duration Module No of Hours Pre-Requisite Assessment USP
2hrs./3days 3 Months 72 Hrs Diploma / Degree in Interior Design Test / Jury Unique Option
Curriculam Climatology and Buildings Electrical Lighting in Buildings HVAC Water and Waste Management Operation and Management of Green Buildings Green Building Economics Day Light and Passive Design Green Building Rating System in India.

Vastu Sashtra

Duration Module No of Hours Pre-Requisite Assessment
2hrs./3days 3 Months 72 Hrs Anyone Test / Jury
Curriculam History of Vaastu Scientific approach to Vaastu Mythological approach to Vaastu Basic by laws of Vaastu Magnetic compass & Directions Understanding placements in plots & Buildings Basic Interior tips for resistance & office Introduction to scientific instruments Enhancing tools & devices Vaastu for enhancing Corrective measures and technique Defects and their effects Remedies without Demolition Scientific approach to colours yramids and Vaastu Healthy home and Vaastu Building biology and human ecology Special health & safety issues. Inclined plots,Double diagonal plots. Multistory buildings & apartments. Personality development & Vaastu presentations.Practical Site Visit.


Course Content

  1. What is 3D Architectural Visualization
  2. What is the scope
  3. Understanding scale and proportions
  4. Strengthening the Visualization part
  5. AutoCAD 2D
  6. Reading the architects drawings
  7. Learning to work in Photoshop
  8. Rendering the 2D AutoCAD Plans
  9. Understanding the user interface of 3DS Max
  10. Transforming 2D Drawings into 3D through 3D Modeling
  11. Creating Textures in Photoshop
  12. Knowledge of materials and standards
  13. Applying Materials to the 3D Structures
  14. Bit about Interior Design
  15. Understanding Project Specifications
  16. Advance lighting and rendering
  17. Project work on the basis of research
  18. End module examination


  1. Photoshop
  2. 3DS Max
  3. AutoCAD 2D/3D
  4. V-Ray
  5. Walkthrough
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